Canal Narrowboats

Narrow boating is a great activity for Scouting. It is best suited to members aged 8 or over (Cubs) as they are physically able to help with the steering of a boat and can help to operate locks etc. It can be undertaken as a day, evening or overnight activity. There are rules restricting the number of persons who can be on board a boat at anyone time – this is normally 12 but can be lower. It can only be more on commercially operated boats.

As an activity it is considered by Scouts to be an ‘Adventurous Activity’ and as such the leader in charge needs to hold a permit. Details of this can be found by following this link:,26,415 At the present time there are three permit holders in Leicestershire. If you are interested in getting a permit please contact the County Narrowboat Advisor.

There is a community narrowboat based at Thurmaston on the River Soar – you may have seen it at Splash Camp.

South of the county, London Narrowboat Project have two skippered boats based at Braunston, Warwickshire.

In the west there is a boat based near Lichfield. Visit Centenary Narrowboat for more information.

There are also commercially run day and overnight boats at several locations around the county. If you are interested in taking a group boating please contact the County Narrowboat Advisor before booking a boat.